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Tree Planting

In the event you wish to have a tree planted, Ackerman Tree Specialists can handle the job.  Ackerman Tree Specialists has access to thousands of trees from local growers in Illinois.  We pick from the best nursery stock to get you a fantastic tree of your choice.  We will advise you on a suitable place to plant your new tree, insure it is installed correctly, & we provide a 1 year guarantee on the health of your new tree.  

Smart homeowners realize the value of properly maintained and well planted trees.  Trees help clean the air, provide shade for your home, or recreation areas, and make your property attractive and comfortable to spend time with family and friends.

Popular Trees

Honey Locust

Red Maple

Pin Oak

White Oak

Flowering Pears & Plums

Colorado & Blue Spruce

If you have a certain tree in mind, let us know & we will get it for you.

Avoid Tree Planting Mistakes

  • Location, Location, Location...

Just like anything, proper placement prevents poor performance.  When you plant a small tree, it will grow!  Ackerman Tree Specialists will help you determine where your tree should be planted to enhance proper growth, while not causing problems for your home, in-ground or above ground utilities now, or 20 years from now.

  • Installation
There are many things to keep in mind when planting a tree.  Did you dig the proper size hole for your new tree?  Is the soil where you plan to plant your new tree suitable for sustained growth?  When you hire Ackerman Tree Specialists to install your new tree you do not have to worry about these details, our professional, experienced staff will take care of all the little details to make your tree installation a success. 

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